World Tour round 2

That's right BashHeads. The mighty The Rock n Roll Wrestling Bash hits the road again for the 2nd leg of our 4 year world tour! We'll start in france this year with Billy Biohazard and Municipal Waste! Lots of shows will be added soon! If you can't find a venue close to your town check back recenly for news.
Here's what's up for now:

June 14th La Laiterie Artefact - Strasbourg - FR w/ Billy Biohazard  Tickets
June 15th L'Aeronef - Lille- FR w/ Billxy Biohazard & Municipal Waste
June 20th Hellfest - Clisson - FR Headliner on opening day Tickets
July 19th Free & Easy Festival - Backstage Werk - Munich - D Tickets
Dec. 7th Carlswerk Victoria - Cologne - D Tickets
Dec. 28th Backstage Werk - Munich - D Tickets

Jan. 3rd Club Vaudeville - Lindau a.Bodensee - D Tickets
Jan. 4th Garage - Saarbrücken - D Tickets
Jan. 10th Festsaal Kreurberg - D Tickets
Jan. 11th Gruenspan - Hamburg - D Tickets
Jan. 17th FZW - Dortmund - D Tickets
Feb. 14th Rosenhof - Osnabrück - D Tickets

Lots of more shows for 2019 and 2020 are popping up as you read this so check back every now and then for new dates!

See you at the Ring baby!