Hwasa of MAMAMOO Faces Legal Trouble Over Alleged Vulgar Performance

Hwasa, a member of the renowned K-pop group MAMAMOO, now confronts potential legal consequences following allegations of a lewd performance at The Sungkyunkwan University Festival in May 2023. As reported by NME, The Student Parent’s Right Protection Union initiated a complaint against Hwasa for what they assert was her vulgar conduct on stage.

Hwasa of MAMAMOO Faces Legal Trouble Over Alleged Vulgar Performance

Accusations and Ongoing Investigation

The complaint alleges that Hwasa engaged in suggestive gestures that insinuated sexual misconduct, deeming her actions “adequate to embarrass and shame the observing public.” During her rendition of “Don’t Give” alongside rapper LOCO, Hwasa assumed a squatting position with her legs apart, licked her hand, and directed it toward the lower part of her body.

Shin Min Hyang, the organization’s chairman, stated, “At Sungkyunkwan University, in a public setting where the audience could witness, she participated in an indecent act unrelated to music.” Presently, the Seoul Seongdong Police Office is interrogating Hwasa regarding the alleged vulgar performance.

Furthermore, the police are deliberating whether to proceed with the case and refer it to the prosecution. If found guilty, the K-pop idol may face up to one year in prison or a fine of up to 5 million won, approximately $4,230.

Hwasa’s Response

Amidst these developments, Hwasa has voiced her concerns about the threats she has encountered, particularly during her guest appearance on Sung Si-Kyung’s YouTube show. “I typically do not pay significant attention to hateful comments, but this time, the comments went too far,” she remarked. “I am not implying that I will disregard all criticism, but I believe it is appropriate to ignore hurtful criticism.” According to reports from Korea Press, Hwasa has cooperated fully with the police investigation.

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