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Here is The Rain newest song, “Mengembara”

The Rain, an Indonesian music star, is back with a new song called “Mengembara.” This song is the first single from their eighth studio album, which is set to come out in 2024. The band from Yogyakarta had already given fans a great time with their album “Mereka Bilang Kita Terjebak Bersama” in 2022.

A piece of art to honor 22 years of The Rain musical journey

The Rain’s single “Mengembara” is more than just another song; it’s an emotional tribute to their amazing 22-year journey in the music business. Indra Prasta (vocals, guitar), Iwan Tanda (guitar, vocals), Ipul Bahri (bass, vocals), and Aang Anggoro (drums, vocals) have been hard at work in the studio since the middle of 2023, creating a treasure trove of new material gathered over the previous months.

An Artist’s Journey Around the World: “This time, I wrote a lot of songs while I was traveling.” “Writing songs in different places and situations helps give a new take on a theme,” Indra, lead singer and guitarist for The Rain, said.

“Mengembara” came about when Indra was at home strumming his guitar and humming tunes. “Strumming late at night with guitar chords and voice notes written down, but no lyrics,” he said.

Indra taped the tune on his cell phone because it came to him out of the blue. The Rain went on a trip out of town a few days later. During the trip, Indra listened to the recorded song again and worked on the music notation and words. Within a week of starting the process, the song was finished.

Getting Past Writing: Recording on the Go

The process of making “Mengembara” wasn’t limited to writing songs. Some of the work on this song was done while The Rain was on the move. One interesting fact about the track is that the bass part was worked on in a hotel room in Surabaya while the band was supposed to be performing there.

It turned out that we had to leave a day early for technical reasons, which gave us some free time, Iwan explained.

“Rather than trying to get our schedules to match up when we got back from the tour, we chose to work on it while we were on the road,” Ipul said.

“Mengembara” means a lot of different things to different people

The Rain’s song “Mengembara” goes deep into the road of life. Through its words, it tells a moving story that makes people think about the ups and downs of life. In order to keep moving forward, it urges people to let go and go with the flow of life.

Indra said, “It’s about letting go while keeping the spirit to move forward.”

“Mengembara” is now available on YouTube and digital music stores

The new song from The Rain, “Mengembara,” can now be streamed on YouTube and other digital music services. Fans and people who just like music can enjoy this melodic trip made by one of Indonesia’s most famous bands.

There is no doubt that The Rain is a major force in the Indonesian music scene. Their music is always strong and hits home with many people. It looks like their 8th studio album will be another big step in their already impressive career, and “Mengembara” is just the start of this exciting trip.


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